Big Picture

Framework for the Metaverse by Matthew Ball

Gaming 101: What Is the Metaverse? by Juxtathinka

What is the metaverse, and do I have to care? by Adi Robertson and Jay Peters

Meet me in the Metaverse by Jonathan Lai

A multiverse, not the metaverse by Eric Peckham

The Seven Rules of the Metaverse by Tony Parisi

The Virtual Economy by L’Atelier

Applications & Stories

Web3 Metaverse Chat with Mark Zuckerberg by Gary Vaynerchuk

Mark in the Metaverse by Casey Newton

Into the Void: Where Crypto Meets the Metaverse by Piers Kicks

The Uncensored Library: Reporters without Borders inside Minecraft

Metaverse + Crypto by a16z Good Time Show

What Ready Player Two tells us about the metaverse by Dean Takahashi

Content, Services, and Asset Business in the Metaverse by Matthew Ball

The Economy of the Metaverse: Interview with Epic CEO Tim Sweeney by Joseph Kim

How To’s; Get Started

A 22-year-old breaks down how to join the Metaverse by Felicia Hou

Reintroducing the Open Metaverse OS Paper by Jamie Burke

The Responsible Use of Spatial Data by W3C

Parts List for the Metaverse by Philip Rosedale

Balaji Srinivasan on Building a ‘Pseudonymous Economy” by Shannon Voight

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