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Web2 vs Web3 by

Web3 vs Web3 by Fred Wilson

Why Web3 Matters by a16z

What do Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 mean? Which one is better? by Preethi Kasireedy

What is Web 3.0 & Why It Matters by Max Mersch and Richard Muirhead

On web3 and participatory governance — policy frameworks for the third generation of the internet
by a16z Crypto

Web 3.0 and the Future of Trust by a16z

Why Decentralization Matters by Chris Dixon

The Web3 Landscape by a16z

The New Creator Economy – DAOs, Community Ownership, and Cryptoeconomics by Nader Dabit

Web3: What it is, why it matters, why all the crypto people can’t stop talking about it by Aaron Mak

Applications & Stories

From contemptuous to indifferent to curious to pretty damn excited: my journey to web3 — what if NPR Planet Money could have been reinvented with DAOs?
by Adam Davidson

Where Web3 meets the metaverse — NFTs & digital ownership, open vs. closed metaverse, “Direct-to Avatar Economy”, value chain of the open metaverse
by Packy McCormick  

Uniswap DeFi’s Most Interesting Player: 12 Lessons for building for web3 crypto’s #1 DEX by Aakash Gupta

Play-to-Earn Gaming and How Work is Evolving in Web3 by a16z

Web3 Metaverse Chat with Mark Zuckerberg by Gary Vaynerchuk

Creator DAOs, web3, and incentives — intertwining social and financial, intrinsic and extrinsic motivations,  from badging to tokens
by Jarrod Dicker, Jonathan Glick, Tal Sachar

Breaking Ownership, the Web3.0 Journey of Creator Economy by Dannie

Web3 as an Interdependent Economy: A Conversation with Mat Dryhurst by George Howard

How To’s; Get Started

The Architecture of a Web 3.0 Application by Preethi Kasireddy

The Hardest Concept for Developers to Grasp About Web 3.0 by Preethi Kasireddy

Set up web3.js to use the Ethereum blockchain in javascript by zjpetersen

Interacting with a Smart Contract through Web3.js by Yang Nana

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